Insurance solution that innovates all lines of business

Leverage Fadata’s comprehensive end-to-end insurance platform. Deployable out-of-the-box and cloud-ready, you can run all operations on INSIS or choose to go modular for greater flexibility.

Deliver superior performance

Elevate everyday insurance processes with versatile, high-quality product lines.

Stay competitive with the right business insurance solutions for you

Rigid and manual processes are no longer enough to meet the demands of the modern, digital customer. Employ agile, customisable insurance services and management to match the dynamics of the industry.

See why clients love Fadata

"INSIS is allowing us to roll out a set of business processes that are closely engineered around the customer journey."

Powerful insurance management for leading companies:

INSIS covers all product lines across General Insurance (Property and Casualty), Health insurance, and Life and Pensions, within one instance. This gives the customer real-time reporting visibility to quickly adapt to market requirements.

Yes, INSIS baseline provides a comprehensive enterprise solution, empowering customers with self-sufficiency through a constantly updated foundation and a wide range of business and technical tools within the web browser.

INSIS is a high-performance, cloud-ready platform with high levels of flexibility. The latest version of INSIS supports automatic updates and seamless scaling, eliminating the need for efforts during updates and on-site maintenance.

Creating new business processes with INSIS is a no-code to low-code implementation and can be performed within hours.

Shorten the time-to-market of new products to only a few days with the INSIS no-code to low-code product configurator and reusable components. This reusability allows you to clone products within minutes.

INSIS is one complete package but can be easily integrated into the customer environment allowing the customer to roll out functionality or just the modules needed.

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