Insurance beyond Core

Tap into Fadata’s powerful Ecosystem for innovative pre-build enterprise solutions that reduce costs and improve operational efficiency. Thanks to an advanced micro-service orientated architecture and integration mechanisms, Fadata’s core platform can efficiently inter-operate with other systems, allowing you to orchestrate processes across INSIS and the connected systems.

Deliver superior performance

Benefit from whole, pre-made enterprise solutions build in-house or by market leaders.

Ecosystem Partner Types

Ecosystem architecture

Innovate and optimise any core solution with best-in-class software developed and supported by Fadata or our partners. With the INSIS API Gateway, you can sit back and delegate the authentication, authorisation, monitoring, and APIs versioning.

For all solutions in the Ecosystem, Fadata will provide the needed APIs for integration, the software will be pre-integrated with INSIS and you will receive either a ready-to-use solution or an MVP on top of which additional configurations can be done.

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