Transforming your business with core insurance software

Customisable to match any insurance business, Fadata’s cloud-enabled insurance technology makes fully-automated operations easier than ever before.

Powerful insurance management for leading companies:

Streamline all your insurance operations with INSIS

Drive digital transformation with INSIS — the all-in-one enterprise software that turns rigid processes into agile workflows. Meet changing customer needs and seize new opportunities with advanced insurance software solutions for managing all major lines of business.

Deliver superior performance

Elevate everyday insurance processes with versatile, high-quality product lines.

Welcome to an enhanced INSIS

Our latest release supports multi-tenancy – insurers can offer products across borders with flexible premiums and taxes. With the new business features our clients can optimise operations and gain even more value. 

See why clients love Fadata

"INSIS is allowing us to roll out a set of business processes that are closely engineered around the customer journey."

"A key [INSIS] strength is that core insurance processes are very accurately and comprehensively represented."

"With 21 years of experience managing major projects, [INSIS] was my first go-live with zero significant issues."
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"Thanks to INSIS' flexibility we know our platform can deal with the future."
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Powerful insurance management for leading companies:

Why choose Fadata as your insurance transformation partner?

Experience the power of enterprise-level automation technology and lock in the next 10 years of insurance success with the leading ally on the market.

Over 30 years of in-depth industry experience

Shorter lead time and faster value delivery

Cost-effective onboarding process

A proven track record of on-time and on-budget delivery

Empowering reusability, multi-country and multi-company operations

Implementation footprint in over 30 countries

Team up with leading insurance experts

From its origins in 1990, Fadata has evolved to become a major provider of software solutions to insurers across the globe. The company is headquartered in Munich (Germany) and has offices throughout Europe, including a major software development and operations centers in Sofia and Burgas (Bulgaria).

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